Reservation Passengers having reserved the seats shall board the Plane by their tickets in
accord with the reserved seats. Pasengers travelling on the domestic services can reserve
their seats in advance at airline booking offices or their sales agents according to the relevant
regulations. Passengers who have already reserved theirseats should purchase their tickets
within the time limit established by the airlines concerned, otherwise the reservation they
have made would be cancelled accordingly.

PURCHASE OF TICKET In purchasing tickets, Chinese passengers should hold their own "In-
habitant Identity Card" or other valid identity certificate and fill in the "Passenger Reservation
Record". Foreigners, Overseas Chinese and compatriots from Hong Kong, macao and Taiwan
shall show their valid passports, "Return-home Card","Taiwan Compatriots Card", "Residence
Permit" "Travel Certificate" or other valid identity cards provided by the public security autho-
rities, and fill in the "Passenger Reservation Record".

RECONFIRMATION OF RESERVATION Passengers having reserved seats on connecting or
return flights shall reconfirm their reservations at the connecting or returning points not later
than 12 o'clock A.M. 2 days before the departure of the flight if they stay there for more than
72 hours, otherwise their reservations will be automatically cancelled.

TICKET The ticket is valid only for the passenger whose name appears on the ticket and is
not transferable. The ticket will be void and not be refundable if it has been mutilated or altered.

VALIDITY PERIOD OF TICKET The validity period of the domestic ticket is noe year. The validity
period of the ticket for the scheduled flight is calculated from the date following the commence-
ment of travel and for the non-scheduled flight it is calculated from 00:00(zero hour) of the
day following the date of its issuance.

CHILDREN FARE A chlid between 2 and 12 years of age is charged at 50% of the adult fare.
An infant under 2 years of age not occupying a separate seat is charged at 10% of the adult
fare. One adult passenger is entitled to accompany one infant enjoying such fare.

FARES Fares are the air transport fares from the airports of origin to the airports of destination,
not including the surface transportation charges between airport and downtown.

LOST TICKET A passenger having lost his(her) ticket should apply in writing to the carrier or
its agent for lossreporting and submit his(her) sufficient proof to the carrier or its agent. The
arrier holds no liability for the lost ticket which had been falsely used or refunded under the
passenger's name before the lost ticket was reported.

CHECK-IN PROCEDURE Passenger must arrive at the airport within the time limit designated
by the carriers and produce their valid identity card and ticket to the check-in counter. Check-in
counter will be closed 30 minutes before flight departure.

MODIFICATION If a passenger having purchased a ticket wishes to change the flight, or the
date of flight, or the class of cabin seat, and such change is allowed only once.

REFUND If a passenger(separate regulation for group passengers) asks for refund 24 hours
before flight departure as indicated on the ticket, the cancellation fee is 10% of the original
fare; If the refund is requested within 24 hours but before 2 hours ahead of flight departure,
the cancellation fee is 20% of the original fare; if the refund is requested within 2 hours before
departure, the cancellation fee is 30% of the original fare.

NO-SHOW A no-show means a passenger failed to board the aircraft either because he had
not completed the check-in procedures at the designated time limit, or because he could not
travel due to his unqualified travel documents. If a refund is requested in case of no-show, a
noshow fee of 50% of the original fare from the airport where the no-show occured to the
airport of his destination should be charged.

HEALTH When purchasing ticket, a passenger suffering from serious illness should hold a cer-
tificate by a medical unit certifying that he is fit to travel by air.

CARRY-ON BAGGAGE Each passenger may carry 2 pleces of articles with a total weight not
exceeding 5 kg, and with the volume of each piece not more that 20〜40〜55cm. Carry-on
baggage in excess of the above limit of number, volume and weight could not be carried on
board without permission Passenger holding first class tickets may carry 2 pieces of articles,
passenger holding business or economy class tickets may carry one piece article only. The
volume of either one or two pieces should not be more than 20〜40〜55cm and with a total
weight not exceeding 5kg. Carry-on baggage in excess of the above limit of number, volume
and weight should be checked in for transportation according to the regulations.

FREE BAGGAGE ALLOWANCE Passengers bolding adult-fare tickets are entitled to free baggage
allowance of 40kg. for first class, and 30kg. for business class, and 20kg. for economy class. No
free baggage allowance is granted to infants.

ARTICLES WHICH CANNOT BE SHIPPED AS BAGGAGE Passengers are not allowed to carry in
their checked or carry-on baggage dangerous articles, such as inflammable, explosive, corrosive,
poisonous, radioactive, polymerizable, magnetized materials, passengers are not allowed to
carry with them arms, sharp or lethal weapons when taking flight.

allowed to pack in the checked baggage confidential documents, classified materials, diplomatic
mail bags, negotiable securities, currencies, money orders, valuables, vulnerable perishables and
articles and other articles needed in the special custody of somebody. The carrier will not be liable
for the loss of or damage of the aforementioned.

BAGGAGE PACKING The checked baggage should be packed perfectly, well locked, tied up solidly
and be able to withstand pressure to a reasonable extent. Carriers may refuse to accept for carri-
age and will not be liable for any damage if the baggage packing does not conform the require-

BAGGAGE COMPENSATION The carrier will be liable to compensate for the loss of or damage
of the checked baggage due to the carrier's fault. The norm of compensation shall not exceed
RMB 40 yuan per kg. according to the actual weight recorded at the check-in.

BAGGAGE DECLARED VALUE A passenger may declare the value of his baggage if the value of
his checked baggage exceeds RMB 40 yuan per kg. the carrier will collect a declare value sur-
charge. Baggage declared value can not exceed the value of the current baggage. The maximum
baggage declared value is RMB 8,000 yuan. When such a baggage is lost or damaged, compen-
sation will be made according to its declared value.

SECURITY INSPECTION passengers and their baggages(including checked and carry-on baggage)
should be subject to the security inspection before boarding and loading.

CARRIER'S LIABLITY FOR THE DELAYED FLIGHTS When the flight is delayed or cancelled
because of the carrier's fault, meals and hotel accommodations for the passengers during
the delay will be provided free of charge by the carrier.

CARRIER'S SLIABILITY FOR COMPENSATION The carrier's maximum norm of compensa-
tion for each passenger in case of accidental death or bodily injury shall be defined in accor-
dance with the relevant regulations proclaimed by the State Council.

CARRIER'S LIABILITY FOR COMPENSATION The carrier's maximum norm of compensation
for each passenger in case of accidental death or bodily injury shall be defined in accordance
with the relevant regulations proclaimed by the State Council.

PASSENGER'S VOLUNTORY INSURANCE A passenger can insure at his option to the insurance
company for unexpected passenger bodily injyry insurance of domestic air transportation. The
payment for such insurance does not exempt from or reduce the compensation undertaken by
the carrier.
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